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Athlete Therapy

TruStrength Athletics is proud to partner with these great Massage Therapists at large events as well as on a weekly basis with athletes. Please click on the the Facebook page links to learn more about therapy opportunities with Dawson & Sue.

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Dawson Hill LMT
Sue Lebel LMT

Resilience Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC

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Resilience Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC, was founded in 2020 to help individuals recover from injury and understand how to thrive after being done with care.  We work with clients of all ages, skills and backgrounds with a focus on recovery of function and the ability to perform what is important to you, the client.   We have helped clients return to high level activities such as basketball, mountain and trail running, triathlons and powerlifting (to name a few).  We use education, exercise, manual techniques and modalities such as dry needling as part of a comprehensive plan geared to help you recover what moves you

Jason Burtchell, PT, Cred. MDT

Pixela Pictura Films


Pixela Pictura Films is a full service creative studio of passionate storytellers.  Their work focuses on understanding the human experience and community growth. Through their work with TruStrength, Pixela shares stories of empowered individuals who strive to better themselves through knowledge, dedication, and the strength of their community.

TruStrength Athletics is affiliated with these upcoming events! Look for our booth and athletes on event day!

 Western Foothills Land Trust

Upcoming Chances to USE YOUR FITNESS!
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