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The Way of the Champion

An 8 week program

A Program for Learning Balance and Leadership for the Athlete

Student athletes are asked to do more now than ever before. They play multiple sports year round, are asked to train in the weight room, and need to manage life and classroom stress on top of a busy schedule but no one teaches them how to manage it all with informed decision making. Our program will teach athletes how to navigate the landscape of being an athlete while also providing the highest level of sports performance training available. 

Program Schedule

- Athletes will meet for 2 sessions each week with our team of coaches to work on strength, power, and muscular conditioning in the gym.

- There will be weekly speed, agility, and field conditioning as well. This program will have 12 roster spots each that are Co-ed and mixed sport. 

- Way Of the Champion will begin June 21st

- Athletes will receive some handouts but also be required to journal and do some written assignments.


At the end of this program athletes will be able to:

- Calculate their caloric needs, plan hydration, and identify foods that best help them perform and recover 

- Create an effective sleep schedule to ensure their health and performance on the field and court

- Understand how to train at different times of the year for the greatest gains

- Be able to identify overtraining, burnout, and when it is acceptable to say no to more activity

- Learn tools to offload stress, manifest successful outcomes, and create a focused mindset

- Develop values of leadership that make them a powerful asset to their teams and community

- Deepen their personal commitment to self, have more effective goals, and exhibit grit for life


The Way of the Champion is $500 for the entire 8 weeks. If you are interested in enrolling your athlete in this amazing opportunity, or would like further information, please do not hesitate to reach out

The Way Of The Champion is a Co-ed, mixed sport, opportunity.  The eligible ages for this program are HS Freshman to College athletes. We have 12 roster spots available. 

If your athlete''s schedule does not fit the calendar program, please reach out to us. We may be able to fit your athlete into a small group setting at a different time frame. 

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If you would like to look into the possibility of your athlete being awarded a scholarship to help with funding this program, please go to the TruStrength Tomorrow website and fill out the application. 

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