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For more information on our online training and nutritional programs, please fill out the contact form below and one of our coaches will get back to you. 

Each training program tier offers the choice of program type, dependant on your goals.

*Overall Muscular Health/Wellness

*MetCon Sport

*Mountain Athlete Training

You will have access to the TrueCoach App, where your weekly workouts will be delivered directly to you. Via TrueCoach you will have access to the extensive video library, and contact with your coach

We are excited to work with you!

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Tier 1

$29 monthly subscription

Most basic package, 3 workouts a week, non customizable


Tier 3

$119 monthly subscription

Increased number of workouts a week, workouts become customizable to your goals


Tier 2

$49 monthly subscription

30 minute personal consult, additional support, 3 workouts a week


Tier 4

$139 monthly subscription

Completely individualized program design to help you reach your goals 

Also available special TS Member pricing

TS Nutritional Support: Nourish your body to do what you love

Fuel your body to do what you love

4 week subscription

Let us help you learn how to fuel your body to live your best life.


Our nutrition package includes individualized MACRO and calorie plan. Bi-weekly consult either in person or via an online forum. Unending support!

Also available special TS Member pricing

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