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At TruStrength Athletics we believe that what you do in the gym should SERVE you somewhere in your life. You work hard for your level of fitness and we want it to take you places you never thought possible! Whether that's to the huge surf of the Pacific, the high alpine faces of Nepal, or the back country of your local mountains! 

Let the coaching staff at TruStrength Athletics help you prepare you for the next big adventure in your life. Are you paying for a guided trip on Mt Rainier? Trying to summit Mt. Washington in the dead of winter? Let us get you ready to be successful. Our plans give you the assurance that on your trip your fitness won't be the reason you have to turn around.

Get to know our TruStrength Mountain Athletes!
Jennifer Keaten
TS hiking pic.jpeg
Sunday river marathon.jpeg

I Started training at TruStrength Athletics, and hiking the whites in 2018.  

I then started trail running in 2019 at the encouragement of Coach Jesse.

In 2020 with the help of Coach Jesse I began training for trail running events.

Recent accomplishments:

Sunday River marathon; female first place.

First presi traverse

Goals: Pemi traverse, 50 K

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Sam Haverinen

Sam Haverinen: Snowsports and Rockclimbing Instuctor.

Age: 40-Ish 

Town of Residence: South Paris, Maine. 40i-sh Father of Twins.Profesional Teacher: High school Health Ed. OHCHSLife Science Certified*MDOE

  Snowsports Instructor:

            PSIA T2 A1 SB1 CS1 

  20+yr Recreational Climber. Life long Boarder. Live Instrumentalist "The Tantalus Field"

Been with TS for 5+ years as bouldering instructor and facility technician

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Jesse Wall
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Jesse describes the wild outdoors as his place of spiritual harbor, a place to reset, & to restore his "Adam-gene." His cup is made full by his passions for Alpinism, Mountain Running, Backcountry skiing, & trekking.


He has pursued many goals but some of his most memorable involve some mixed-gender team FKTs w/ Carissa Winning, (including a winter crossing of the AMC open hut traverse), a SSWNE67 & 48 day WNH48, a 2 day team cycle around Iceland, and many mountain summits shared with friends. 


Jesse plans to finish the US 50 high points, finish the ADK 4kers & CO 14ers, & the rest of the Cascade volcanoes.  He is most looking forward to sharing these passions and new adventures with his three children as they get older.

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Carissa Winning

Carissa loves to run and move among the mountains. She holds several team FKTs along with running mate Jesse Wall and also solo FKTs, although you'd have better luck getting blood from a stone than getting her to talk about herself.

img_20200626_122200 (1).jpg
Kendra Gilbert

Sport Passions: Trail and mountain running, backpacking, winter hiking, skiing


Accomplishments: Multiple Single Day Presidential Range Traverses, Single Day Pemigewasset Loop, Single Day Extended Pemigewasset Loop, Winter Ascents of Mount Washington, Single Day Bigelow Traverse, 100 Mile Wilderness, Spartan Beast at Killington, Mount Washington Road Race, Dempsey Challenge 50 Miler


Goals: New England Four Thousand Footers, Spartan Ultra Beast, Vermont 50 Mile Ultra Race, Single Day Winter Presidential Traverse, The White Mountain Direttissima (unsupported), Winter Ascent of Mount Katahdin, New England Hundred Highest, Climb a 14,000-footer, Run a race out West

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Zach Greene

Passions: Trail and mountain running, backpacking/ thru hiking, backcountry skiing, ski mountaineering, winter hiking


Mountain Resume: Appalachian Trail Thru Hiker, 100 Mile Wilderness section hike x3, Spartan Ultra finisher at Killington, Multiple Single Day Presidential Range Traverse, Single Day Extended Pemigewasset loop, Winter Ascents of Mt Washington, Summited Mt Katahdin and Mt Washington in a single day. 


Goals: Unsupported White Mountain Direttissima, Pacific Crest Trail, Long Trail, Arizona Trail, Colorado Trail, climb the highpoints of all 50 states, winter Katahdin trip, winter 100 mile wilderness backpacking trip, complete NE 67 and NE Hundred Highest, hike/run a 100 mile section of trail or organized 100 mile race, climb the equivalent vertical feet of Mt Everest in one day

Renee Landry
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Hi, I'm Renee and since I was a kid I have always been active outdoors in one way or another, but I didn't really get serious about mountain sports until I realized I had aged out of being able to punish my body on the soccer pitch. Hiking really became my passion while living in Scotland and I dashed off to the highlands any chance I could get. It was there I was also spoiled with several world class rock gyms within the city.  



Hiking, rock climbing both indoor and outdoor, exploring trails off the beaten path

Integrating canine fitness into sports I can enjoy with my dogs- canicross, bikejoring, skijoring; we want to try them all photography and weightlifting

Adventure highlights:

Solo hiked/camped the Tour du Mont Blanc, 14 Scottish Munros,

Wild camping on the Shetland islands, Cutler Bold Coast 

Nearing completion of the NH48, Winter48


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Farther reaching goals: NE67, exploring more of VT and northern Maine, have a hike in every state. Social: My hiking and adventures are catalogued through the perspective of my dogs who are there with me every step of the way, folloW.

Davis Turner

Davis loves mountains of any flavor, ski touring, bouldering and cats. Davis mostly loves cats.

pxl_20201021_181400446 (1).jpg
Scott Berk

I was born in Arkansas, and grew up in North Africa, Europe.  After earning my BS in Mining Engineering in Colorado, I worked several unique jobs around the world: I was a Jackeroo (cowboy) in Australia, a hard rock miner in Colorado, a mining engineer in Venezuela, a tunnel engineer and a 3D animator in Boston, and I helped an international aid organization improve public health/AIDS communication with remote villages in Uganda.  I currently own Café Nomad in Norway, Maine, I am a volunteer firefighter and I make my living as a graphics/technology consultant in high stakes civil litigation.

I have climbed for over 35 years and have numerous first ascent at Golden Cliffs in Golden, Colorado. I started paragliding in the late 1980’s just as the sport was entering the US, I pursued it seriously for 10 years, setting a cross country distance record and working as an instructor and tandem pilot. In 1999 I decided to focus my efforts on adventure racing, and I formed Team Nomad. We were a sponsored team and raced in the US and around the world including New Zealand and Sweden. Since the mid 2000’s I have focused on ultrarunning, general mountain adventure and community building.

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Tina Merritt

I have always had a fascination for the beauty and majesty of the mountains, particularly the WMNF. In the fall of 2018 my passion for the mountains reached a new level when Coach Jesse gave us an in-house mountain challenge (fastest hike up Streaked Mountain). After that competition, I fell in love with the thrill of the climb along with the serenity of the summit and I began hiking in earnest, seeing first hand that my body and mind were capable of more than I ever thought possible. Wanting to use my fitness outdoors more, and to explore all that I could, I embarked on a plan to hike all the 4000 footers in New England, hiking my first 4K in July 2019. 


Interests: 4-Season Hiking, Snowshoeing, Trail Exploration


Accomplishments: Grand Canyon R3 (Rim to Rim to Rim), NH48, Tough Mountain Challenge, Multiple 5&10K Races, Uphill Will 24-Hour Ultra (over 12,000 feet in vert in a single day) 


Goals: Finish the NE67 and 52WAV, Winter Washington, Single Day Presidential Traverse

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Ethan Edwards

Marine engineer/adrenaline junky that loves trail running, hiking, skiing, ski touring, camping, cycling, swimming, adventuring

2021 goals:

Be outside and explore as much as possible. Above all:

finish NE 67,

72 hour Maine 13 4K's

100 mile wilderness for time

work on local FKT's in Evans Notch, Grafton Notch, etc.

Megan McNelly

My love for the outdoors and exploration stems from when I was a small child where I spend the majority of my time outdoors. My father used to take my brother and I on long weekends of camping and hiking. Today I work full time as an ICU RN at Maine’s largest hospital. My current passions include mountain biking (both uphill and downhill) and weight lifting. I enjoy all things outdoors including hiking, mountain running, trail running, skiing, camping, and leisurely walks through the woods.
My future goals include:
Continuing on the journey of self-love and body positivity
Compete in an armature enduro race
Full Presi traverse

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Wendy Robichaud
South Carter.jpeg

Wendy has enjoyed hiking with her husband since the early 90s. The outdoors has always been her peaceful place. Over the last 30 years, she had completed eight half marathons, countless 5 and 10ks, many overnight backpacking trips, and several 4000 footers. In 2019, Wendy and her husband decided to complete the New Hampshire 48 peaks over 4000 feet. That quickly turned into a goal of completing the New England 67 peaks. The NH48 was finished in less than 10 months, which included "redoing" several peaks that were completed in previous years. The NE67 was officially completed on Baxter peak in July of 2020, but they also redid several Maine peaks that they had not sumited since the early 90s. Wendy feels her biggest accomplishment is being an "average" person, but still being able to accomplish any athletic goal through hard work.


Goals: Presi Traverse 

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Kevin Robichaud
Want to be a TruStrength Ambassador Athlete?

Interested in being featured as a TS mountain sports athlete? Please contact us about opportunities to train with us and represent our brand outside the gym.



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