Runes of Ragnarok Virtual Challenge Series 

1,750 km to span the breadth of Norway, climb 2 times from the ocean to the highest Mt in the world. Hoist your flag my friends! The 3 roosters have crowed, bravery now is all that counts! What has begun cannot be undone. Ragnarok has come....

The Runes of Ragnarok (The RoR) is a virtual challenge series with 7 stages worthy of the viking apocalypse! Compete in our first stage, 3 Roosters 250km, and keep battling through gods and giants until you've completed Thor. The series offers one race per month.

  • Each of the seven stages are 250km long. [can be done anywhere]

  • The final three stages have vertical requirements; Fenrir - 3km, Jormungandar - 6km, Thor - 9km.

  • The entire series will cover the distance of the country of Norway on foot or ski, racing from south to north, 1,750 total km and climbing 18 vertical km! 

  • There are 7 total months to complete as many of the 7 stages as possible. Beginning October 1st and ending April 30th.

  • Participants can run, hike, walk, but also snowshoe, nordic ski, AT ski, split board, etc AS LONG THEY CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN ON THEIR OWN POWER (no chairlift/cat rides/snowmobiles etc), DOWN HILL GLISSADING OR SKIING WILL BE ALLOWED TO COUNT DISTANCE. 

  • After each completed stage racers get a discount code to continue on the next month's race.

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Kids Rock Climbing Program

Next session begins September 14th, 2021

Registration is Open!

TruStrength Athletics continues offering its kids rock climbing program. This course is 5 weeks long and introduces kids to the dynamic sport of bouldering! Our instructors cover sport safety, climbing techniques and problem solving during these 1 hour, twice weekly sessions.  We also use a slackline for balance work and the TreadWall for climbing stamina! This course will raise your athlete's confidence level as well as their fitness.

Registration is limited!
New this September, groups meet twice a week;
Tuesdays and Fridays!  Ages 8-12 meet at 3:30pm. Ages 12 - 17 meet at 5:30pm

Please email us (Subject line: kids climbing) or call, to get more information, or to register.

The Iron Circus 9

Date: October 3rd, 2021

The Iron Circus is a teams of 2 met-con contest that tests athletes in strength, power, agility, speed, accuracy, teamwork, aerobic capacity, and strategy.

Every year you will find lots of surprises as athletes from all over New England test their fitness against devilishly designed events to see who will be the Champion of this premiere event.

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Opposite Gender (XY) pairs event this year!

Rx Competitive and Scaled Divisions.
Masters (40+) will register as Rx or Scaled but will only be scored against other Master teams in that division.
Limit of 40 total teams.
3 events for all teams. Finals typically consists of top 2 teams from Rx and Scaled in a single event for each title.
Expect to see our one-of-a-kind "call your shot" finals for the title!

Everyone knows I try to give as many prizes as possible!

So expect some cool swag!

For more info about the contest please visit and join our Facebook Event Page.
Videos will be posted for event standards the week prior to the Circus.

Questions can be left on the Facebook event wall or email

Cost: $110 by September 27th.
SAVE $10 [team cost = $100] by paying cash, check or venmo! @Jesse-Wall-ihs

No DAY OF registration.

To place an order for event gear, please write in the comments section what sizes, styles, and number of each you are looking for (Unisex T-shirt or Women's tank). You will receive an email with cost and payment options.  

Registration payment can be completed using the link below.


Checks, cash and Venmo can also be accepted.
mail checks or cash to : [Jesse Wall, 365 Number Six Rd, Oxford, ME 04270]

The Iron Circus Registration

Thank you for registering!

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"The SufferFun Series" SkiMo race

Top Finishers
Top Finishers
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TruStrength Athletics is proud to continue to produce "The SufferFun" Ski mountaineering race held at Mt Abram ski resort in Maine. There will be two fun options this year: a single lap and a 3-lap option. For the 1-lap option, racers will choose between two routes that include a short woods boot pack. It will be up to racers to strategize which loop will make them faster! All racers have the same summit transition area and descend the same route. 3-lap racers will all start on the same route, then complete lap two on the other route, and whomever is in the lead going into lap 3 will choose which lap to do for the 3rd. All consecutive racers will be forced to alternate direction of lap 3. Ex. If racer 1 selects the lap A, racer 2 must ascend lap B, racer 3 must do lap A, etc. All racers should have a pack or means of attaching skis to their body. 

"TruStrength puts on an awesome "hometown" event! Initially reluctant to make the trip to Maine, from Vermont, we couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised. What a well-organized event! The course was perfectly mapped/flagged with no opportunities to get lost (something we encounter frequently in this type of race). While physically demanding for competitive racers who wanted to really push it, the race was still accessible to newcomers to the sport of skimo. Jesse and his associates were extremely friendly and made the warm-up and post-race times a blast, giving away awesome swag. I'm definitely putting any TruStrength events on my calendar for next year! "

John, John, and Milan from MtnOps/Dynafit Skimo Team

2022 Series: TBD