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Lauren Merrill: Confidence on the Mound

This week we spoke with Lauren Merrill, star pitcher for the lady Vikings Softball team, who has trained at TruStrength for 4 years. The team is 6-0 and looking like a strong bid for a title. We wanted to hear her thoughts about training, her mindset, and this season ahead.

TS- How long have you been playing softball?

LM - I have been playing softball since I could walk however I have been watching the game since I was born because I have two older sisters that I grew up watching.

TS - Did you grow up playing any other sports?

LM - I grew up playing field hockey and I do still play now. [Continues below photo]

TS - What’s your favorite memory of playing?

LM- I have two so far. The first is playing in the state championship game last year. The second is recently going to Florida to compete on the World of ESPN fields.

TS- How much work do you put in to improving your game during the off season?

LM- I play on two travel teams which take up every weekend of the summer playing games both saturday and sunday. During the winter I practice at least twice a week. During the school season outside of practice with the team I hit before games at my house or if I feel I am having a bad day at practice I go home and work on whatever I felt was needed. I start in November and my summer season finishes in August so I get around three months of rest time but do strength training during that time.

TS- You opened the year pitching a shut out no hitter. Tell us what that was like for you.

LM- It definitely was a great feeling and I think it was a huge confidence boost to the team since we lost to messalonskee last year in the season opener. That type of win creates a lot of momentum for us going into the upcoming games. It's a little insight to what we are capable of.

TS- Your teammates speak about the tremendous confidence you have in yourself. How do you feel that helps you on the field?

LM- I believe softball is a huge mental game and if I'm not confident I will not perform to the best of my ability. When I step into the box or step on to the mound I have to trust my ability so I can dedicate my full 100% in to that moment.

TS - It has been a strong start to the season, what are your feelings on the rest of the schedule?

LM - The team has the potential to win states and if we are confident in our ability I believe we can reach this goal.

TS - What's next for you in the sport?

LM - I am planning to further my career in softball at the college level. Regardless of what division or what team I play for I will be grateful to be able to play the sport I love.

TS How has training at TruStrength affected your performance?

LM - I believe TruStrength has impacted my performance on the field because it has made me stronger and I have gotten to know my body better and all it’s abilities.

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