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Garrett Pendexter: High Expectations

We interviewed senior football lineman Garrett Pendexter about training at TruStrength for 4 years and his role in the upcoming season for the football program.

TS- What’s your first Memory of playing football? GP- I've been playing since I was in first grade so it's been awhile but I remember playing for Coach Lafrance who is now my defensive tackle coach. I remember Coach Lafrance teaching me the rules and how to play the game. TS-. After playing for so long, has your idea of the sport evolved? GP- The idea of the sport has not really changed that much. Every year I learn different techniques for the game but the goal in the end hasn't changed. TS- What have you gained from your strength training program? GP- Training at Tru Strength has really benefited my play on the field. During the winter we work phases of Strength building where we aim to gain as much strength and add weight to our one rep max. During the summer we work on explosive power. The combination of strength and explosion really helps me. TS- What expectations do you have for the team this year? GP- Take the next step. The last three years we have fallen short of our goal. Last year we almost got to our goal of playing for a state championship but we lost in overtime one game away from the championship. This year we expect to be playing that game. TS- you've trained hard for four years alongside teammates. That's a lot of hours of grinding it out together. What other impact, besides physical gains, has that style of training had on the team? GP - The first thing we learn when training at TruStrength is to build more than just physical strength. We build trust, grit, and wisdom. From this we understand that truth is a language. When I step on the field I will be able to trust my teammates and “speak the same language as them”. TS - The MPA has shuffled class A once again. Does the uncertainty affect your goals or plan as a team? GP- I feel like who we are playing doesn’t affect our goal to be state champions. No matter who we play we still have to go to work every week and prove Oxford Hills has what it takes to be state champions.

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