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Janek Luksza: Year Round Athlete

This week we interview 3 sport standout Janek Luksza as he has just returned from spring baseball in Virginia and is focused on a state title with the baseball Program. TS- What would you say the impact is of having a facility like this (TS) to train in the offseason? JL- I think it is a must have if you want to be one of the top teams in the state. It really helps a lot, between people getting in shape and people getting stronger and faster. TS- How does playing and training for multiple sports affect your play for each of the separate sports? JL- I definitely think it helps my body out, using all the different muscles that I don’t normally use. It keeps me in shape a lot. It doesn’t negatively affect my play but it is a long grind. TS- After being down in Virginia for a weekend how has the work you have been putting in helped your play? JL- I feel stronger, faster, more confident and I know I can depend on all the work I’ve put in throughout the year.

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