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JJ Worster: The Mind Of An All-American

This week we spoke with wrestling standout and returning TE for the football team, JJ Worster about his approach to training and his sports. TS- OH has had a lot of success in the past few seasons but Portland has ended Oxford Hills' title run in the playoffs three years in a row. How has this impacted the mindset of the seniors heading into this season and preparing to play them again? JJW- Getting knocked out of the playoffs three years in a row by the same team just fuels my drive more. It drives me to work harder towards my goal of getting that gold ball, and my goal of beating Portland the next time we meet. TS- How do your training sessions for football benefit your performance on the field as well as the mat? JJW- I think that these training sessions help me because it gets me physically prepared, when it comes to the football field or the wrestling mat it helps give me the explosiveness I need to compete at a high level. TS - You are now a two time All-American wrestler. What is the carry over to how you play on the football field? JJW - I think being an All-American helps me because it shows that I have been on one of the biggest stages of wrestling. It helps me mentally prepare for the obstacles ahead because I know I can do it, that’s why I can go on to the football field with no fear.

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