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David Dingley

This week's TS athlete highlight is Viking linebacker & guard @ . We picked David's brain on how character development has improved his leadership ability and field play.

TS - How long have you been playing football?

DD - I have been playing ever since kindergarten or the first grade.

TS - What is your favorite memory that you have from playing football?

DD - My favorite memory from playing football is really just the game and what it’s about. Going out there with your buddies that you love, smashing helmets and representing the community.

TS - What has your experience at TruStrength done for your performance on the field?

DD - My experience has played a huge roll with my performance on the field. Not only does it make me stronger and faster, but it has taught me mental toughness and how to overcome long suffering. Another factor is being explosive, doing jump squats for example has connected very well to my movement and flexibility on the field.

TS - How do you think lifting helps the team as a whole more than just individual lifting and personal strength building?

DD - Training together becomes its own language among the team. When we speak that same language we cant be divided. When we put in the time, sweat and suffering together it builds a bond of trust we call family.

TS - What have you found beneficial from your time spent at TruStrength outside of the physical aspect?

DD - It has benefited me in a personal way, and a mental way. Learning to invest time in the things I care about, and then learning to be patient to reap what I sow. Also pushing ourselves to develop grit to reach our goal in the end.

TS - The team has invested time in a visualization practice at the end of training sessions. How has it helped you?

DD - This has helped me by learning how to control my breathing better, and also acknowledging the pain after the workout. Not only that but it helps me visualize the path to the player and person I want to become.

TS - What benefits will impact your future outside of football?

DD - The lessons we learn are incredible, and the biggest thing that I have taken away from them is how to be the best possible version of myself that I can be. It is definitely something I will use and take with me in the future.

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